Sunday, July 17, 2011


How often after watching a scary movie, or perhaps even a scary movie's trailer did you end up having nightmares that gave you cold sweats and kept you from being able to completely sleep?

This is me by definition. Name the movie, I've had a nightmare about it. Most recently, I've been having dreams that have had a lovely guest appearance by non-other-than Chucky, the Child's Play doll himself! Have you seen those movies? A serial killer used magic to put himself into a doll to escape capture and is now trying to find a child to transfer his soul to.The doll is agile, sneaky and smart. Everytime I think about opening a door into a dark room, the possibility of him standing there with a huge knife gives me the heeby geebies!


We also have Jurassic Park. Those velociraptors, even from the first Jurassic which was created in ancient movie times (for those 90s babies that is) 1993 are still scary as all heck! I remember countless nightmares where I am fleeing from these intelligent group hunters only to wake up more tired than I was when I first fell asleep!

Scary or what?!?!?!? credit:
Now, imagine me after seeing the trailer for "Scary or Die". I must admit, it takes a lot to scare me during a movie or even a particular scene in a movie but my mind must save it all for my dreams because I feel like the entire night after I saw the trailer was occupied with me again, running away from something. Want to know what it was? Those scary clowns!! Did you see the teeth? I don't want them piercing my arm! ouch! So dream me is running, running running and thankfully, I was saved by my 4:55 alarm.

Did the Scary or Die trailer invade your dreams recently? If so, tell me about it! Also, tell me what creepy movie characters make appearances in your nightmares.


  1. Corbin, u deserv th best things...this movie is so amazing! ow! :0 Goooo corbin Dramaaa!

  2. Scary Or Die made me have nightmares after I watched it while I was going to bed. I watched it when Corbin first mentioned it on Twitter. I have had nightmares ever since. Its really creepy. In my dreams I see Corbin in them and we are trying to run away from the evil clowns. The dream I had recently was like all the other nightmares but, one thing was different about it, Freddy Kreuger was in this one. I don't know if we lived through the night. I keep waking up when we are close to getting out of the place we are in.

  3. Just got done with the movie and it was as good as I'd heard. I tried not to get my hopes out--stay with me here! Not because I thought, "eh, this probably isn't going to be good," but the teaser trailer w/the whole sound consisting of Screaming Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You," got me so amped up I featured it on my blog ( even though I didn't know much about it. Few trailers get my adrenaline pumping like that. Between then and now, I saw a lot of movies I'd been really psyched about that were a let-down (though in all but a couple cases, I went charging in head-first the second I saw it was available to watch before I'd even read a review, so I guess I deserved some of that), so I try to kind of let go of expectations but keep an open mind. I loved the framing story (especially the BAM! ending and the the story it hooked up to was awesome and creepy), The Crossing (Nice Romero vibe), and Clowned- no weak links. The one with the hitman, I did sort of see the ending coming- but it was like the way you see a really fun Tales From The Crypt poetic justice ending coming, so no complaints. As far as nightmares, I haven't tried to fall asleep since I finished watching... so I guess I'll let you know. That is, if I get any sleep after finishing up watching Scary Or Die at 2AM... Thanks!

  4. Scary or die was a good movie but the title dose not fit the movie. but this movie was a 10/10